An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

im studying the fretboard
what the hell does that mean

im looking at everything as notes instead of numbers. Next step is to start visualizing intervals and predicting how they will sound. Im also looking at the guitar from more of abird's eye view rather than focusing in on one point. It helps connect the dots when it comes to soloing and learning scales or modes.

Theres a point where a guitar player will know exactly what his fingers are doing without looking at them. That is when you can start looking elsewhere on the guitar more efficiently. Thats basically what im doing

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ok, 2 hours a day on average so far. Thats ok. Gotta take small steps before i go higher. So many things influence my mood and desire to practice, but im finally getting my motivation back. Ideally I will go through another summer averaging 6 hours a day, or at the least, 30 hours a week. Im a little mixed about practicing so many hours per day. Your body and mind need rest in order to grow.

I have 3 songs almost complete for my Undermind project. I have another one that im slowly working on as well. Those will be recorded in a few months, im working on familiarizing myself with them a lot more. Itd also help if i recorded them, but im lazy and stubborn. This will change though.