An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Monday, February 22, 2010

It is getting close to recording time. My goal is to have an Anthro. demo out by the summer. It will be 3 or 4 songs. We should have a total of 5-7 songs recorded. I am not sure how I will get it recorded, I am still trying to figure that out. I am thinking perhaps I would like to go and pursue some sound engineering myself. At first I wanted to go to school for it, then I didn't, now I have an interest in it again. If I had a studio space or like a basement, I would do a lot of experimenting on my own, but I don't. For now, I want to record scratch tracks for the songs that are complete. I will start with Augmented. I will just export the midi drums from guitar pro and use those for now. Then I will record both guitar parts with my interface. I will try to record with a line out from my Sunn preamp into the interface, and then take the amp model off and only use a cab model. I will see what kind of sounds I can get from that. If that sounds good may be I can just use that. Otherwise I will try using just straight modeling software. I will also start doing scratch tracks for Undermind. I got two albums I need to get done, which won't be hard at all.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stupid and weak minded people are now my inspiration. Interesting. They are what I don't want to end up like. I am writing many new lyrics. Also, Musicians and hearing others play and their ideas is so motivating and inspiring. Right now Thiago, Eston, Steve, Mike, and Dom are all inspiring me, when I hear them play something and improve, it reminds me what is beautiful about music, progress, and practice. Not a whole lot to say....