An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inspired by that one shitty saturday afternoon

Drown within my sorrorws
as they fall from the high skies
upon the low grounds
as if an ocean lay beneath the surface

Where shall I go? Wanderer of human sorrow
exploring the no-land, to create a false security
I shun myself from the world
I look outside, through the glass walls around me
But the floods rise high!
as pressure buids, anxiety overwhelms this prison
negative energy flows through me, embracing my self
against all odds and beliefs
I begin to drown
Drown within my sorrows

Return to the place I don't belong...

I cam so far, but had to stop. Back-tracking through time
to this static-noise scenery
The picture that is never painted

I told of today, the rains of fire
the rains of acid and sensation
psychroalgia (burning sensation of cold), ice-blue blades
slashing, intersecting, through my skin

I descend
as blood turns blue, I lack what I need
as skin turns green, I fail my eneavor
Have I failed?

I built the bridge
now I reside back and forth
with one world and the next
all doors are open, yet I am the only intruder
millions of faces walk by
on the streets and see me too
if you only saw what I saw
may be you could have a glimpse into my globe
my darkness and passion
what you fail to try and understand
may be next time you will try...