An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Monday, March 22, 2010

Haven't really had much to say. So let me say something. Hmm, what exactly is going on with Steve in his world of music? Well, I am slowly getting my hours of practice in again. I am specifically trying to work on endurance, because it went down pretty bad. I have been doing a lot of improvising lately. I have been working on trying to figure out how to play a few songs. Queen of the Borrowed Light and Vastness and Sorrow from Wolves. It's very hard to figure these out note for note. For one the production isn't the clearest, also both guitars play multiple voices at once with very similar distortion, but I am getting the basic idea for the songs.

I will be releasing 5-6 albums worth of material in may. I am doing all the planning now and all through April. So far, here is my album listing

1. A Rare Moment of Silence
2. The Color of Mirrors
3. UnderMind presents: A Visual Production of "The Self"
4. An Evening with UnderMind: The Empty Space
5. Bassic Meditations
6. Of Emeralds and Rings

Within these albums there will be covers from Final Fantasy as well as Sonic. They each have a different concept and I will explain them when they are all released. My great friend Thigao will be releasing these through his label Lunatic Pandora Records along with descriptions of each and interviews. The cds will include writing and hopefully a lot of artwork.

OH yea, another thing. Thiago and I will be doing two splits, one of final fantasy covers, and one of Sonic covers.

*In essence, what I am doing is presenting a physical form of the expression of my life and soul. That is what UnderMind is. It is also something to produce meditative vibes and calming auras, as well as some dark and disturbing sounds. This will be the illustration of my own life and path, as well as the people who will be contributing to the individual songs.

Next up will be an Anthromorphic demo. We will record a total of 5-6 songs, and unfortuneately with a drum machine. This time we will do it correctly, everything will be mapped out, and nothing rushed. We will also add in the bass parts.