An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Technique & relaxation

relaxing is very much a mental thing, as much or more than it is physical. Playing while I am tired is also a great idea. It helps me relax. Usually when one is tired, they wll tense up more to play something, but they just need to tell themselves to relax.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forgotten things, exploration of the unchartered

It has come to the point where I am forgetting how to play within genres. I tried playing heavy metal, stoner rock, sludge, and I couldn't really do it today. Sure, it could just be an off day, but I don't think it is. That is a good sign, that I have been focused on what I want to play, but it may be a bad sign that I am becoming aimless. I have been feeling unmotivated, I would like to do what i love with other people. I want to share myself with the ones who are like me. It seems that it's rather hard to do that or find those people. This is my struggle within.