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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

classical guitar lesson 4 and viola lesson 3

Ok i barely practiced since last time, well the stuff that i was supposed to. I think he got a bit mad cause i didnt really know any of the scales anyway for next time i pretty much need to be able to play all the scales. There are specific patterns for different ones so i pretty much just need to memorize those. then he had me play some basic chromatic slurs, which i had gotten much better at. he said for me to just practice them slowly.then i showed him how far i went with music reading, which wasnt much. I read this waltz piece pretty slowly, but it was definitely an improvement from last time. Now, though I can just about read it up to speed which is really cool. What i find very intriguing is that the more you read one piece of music the waaaaaaaaay easier it becomes.

Other than that im finding that I like playing death metal/my own thing more than anything else. I do however enjoy playing classical music very much. Im working on this waltz piece and it sounds pretty sad, atleast to me, and when i play it i feel so much emotion in it, its really cool.

Ill quickly describe my viola lesson here.
Basically she showed me third position, which is placing your palm right where the fingerboard touches with the body. The first note is supposed to be right across from my my thumb and it pretty much fits perfectly. So she showed me how to get into that position, and its pretty easy for me. Then we worked on more bowing, which im still having a lot of trouble with. Pretty much the thing i need to work on is not keeping my elbow too high or too low and to bow parallel to the bridge...

Im getting tired of writing these, but ill keep it going, sorry if theyre getting a bit boring

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