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Sunday, February 17, 2008

no motivation to practice

why must this happen? Any solutions?

I feel like anytime i hang out with people im just not inclined to practice my instruments for most of the day. The days where i did practice a lot were days where i didnt hang out with anyone. It seems the only solution is to stop being so social... dont really know though

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Mike Lunapiena said...

I suggest scheduling practice times & forcing yourself to stick to it. If you don't feel like practicing, So what? Do it anyway ... it's just a matter of needing to push yourself... it's easy to not practice when you're around people... maybe practice first, then chill...

Oone of Philip Pullman's points about writing is that you have to learn how to do it well without inspiration... same thing applies to practicing. Sometimes it's just something you make yourself do...

On the other hand, you can get burnt out... so sometimes it's a good idea to step away from your instrument for a few days.


(btw, I'll respond to your other entries soon, and I'm gonna link to your blog on mine/maybe post it on facebook so that you can potentially get more readers - which will come with time)