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Sunday, October 12, 2008

random update

ok So i am in the middle of listening to summoning's oathbound. I just got done listening to blackfield. I feel like im high right now. Not that ive smoked weed or anything. I feel very laid back, relaxed, and zoning out. I am listening to music thats spacey sounding, but very capturing at the same time. I feel like this is what feeling high is supposed to be about. WHenever i have gotten high, it has never felt like this. Thus I believe that music is what makes me high.

Learning a bunch of jazz chords lately.

I recently had time to jam with my brother and ricky. Jamming is so liberating to me now. I only get to practice and play by myself and all that, but man when im playing with someone else, i just let everything flow. I also noticed my overall technique has improved greatly. Im so happy. My hands looks so fucking relaxed its great. I also never get any pain in my left hand like i used to. My pinky sitll needs a slight bit of work, otherwise my fingers look very well curved as they should be.

Just in a great mood tonight, tired, relaxing, thoughtful, captured by music.

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