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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing to update for a while

I didnt really have anything to say, which is kinda bad. Now i do. I randomly got that desire i once had to practice. It feels fucking great. A lot of things have interfered with me wanting to practice, and it comes down to one thing...STRESS. The biggest forms of stress are my parents, weight lifting, and work. On top of that, when im stressed i try to do things that are easy so i can relax. I relax to get rid of stress. I did too much of that. Today i dont have work, and I think it is impacting my day a whole lot. Also by just relaxing and not focusing on something like guitar it makes me even more stressed out because i need to practice. Ive played for a good 2 hours now, and my hands are starting to get tired...boooo. Im gonna try to get up to 4. I want to keep this up. I feel like i will start improving like crazy once again.

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