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Friday, January 18, 2008

Stuff- yay

So lets see, I got my classical guitar, its a cheap alvarez model. Im not too crazy about it yet, its cool, but the more i play it the more i find myself going back to playing death metal on my electric. Death metal is way more fun than classical will ever be in my opinion. Im learning two really hard songs right now. And time beings, by decrepit birth, and caverns of reason, by odious mortem. Both songs are pretty challenging. But since ive been using my metronome, tive been progressing very well with them, moreso than i thought I would. its like ill practice slowly for a while, try to increase speeds and have trouble. Then a week or so later, faster not practicing the song or barely practicing it, im able to go faster than ever. Its a great feeling to know how much i accomplished in the short time. Naturally, so it seems, ive been learning to play fast and relaxed. Like its sort of just coming to me. I guess from learning how to play relaxed with a metronome on a slow pace makes me aware of just being relaxed in general. Right now this is a good point in my guitar playing. I know last year i wouldnt have even been close to the songs im playing and its all because of this fucking metronome, i love it. Anyway thats all for now. Ill have a video up sometime within a month or so


Mike Lunapiena said...

Sounds cool... I love that guitar personally, I think it sounds very alive (not that I've played many acoustics...)

Can you pass me the link for it? Also, I'm thinking of getting an acoustic/electric bass guitar at some point in the not so near future (maybe a month or few... dunno, depends on how much money I have coming in & how much I don't spend on cds...)

what do you think?

nailah hunter said...

Yea the metronome does wonders, especially when you first learn a piece. I loved concentrating on the flow of the music while keeping the beat in my head...I dunno if that made sense to you. haha