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Monday, January 28, 2008

a week without guitar 1/26-27

this is supposed to be saturday/sundays post.

Yup, so i havent played guitar for a week. I played for an hour today (saturday). There wasnt that much of a decline in my skill level thankfully. It was just harder to play really fast stuff, but within a few days-to a week I can probably get back to the level that I was at. The first days of college have been just really disorganized. Im trying to keep everything to a scheduel, everything besides my practicing times. Ill fit those in whenever Im in the mood to practice. I feel that that shouldnt be forced.

So today (sunday)
I played for about 2 hours. The hours were a bit forced. Ive been feeling a bit lethargic recently, not sure why. My guess is not enough vitamins or something, who knows. Not a whole lot to report on here, practiced some songs mainly at slow speeds, bout all.

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