An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Monday, January 28, 2008

My college schedule

So far this is how my schedule is looking

Monday- 11:00-12:20PM Music Literature

FOOD till 1:30

10 free hours (slightly less due to eating)

Shower 12AM, sleep 1AM

Tuesday- 11:00-12:20PM Elementary Musicianship

12:30-1:15PM Classical guitar lessons

FOOD till 1:50

2:00-3:20PM Intro to Art

3:30-4:50PM Political science

FOOD to go

5:00-9:00PM Security aide (4 work hours)

3 free hours

Sleep at 12/1

Wednesday- 11:00-12:20PM Music Literature

12:30-1 FOOD, snack

2-3ish Running, FOOD, snack

3PM-5PM Capital Punishment

4 and a half free hours, FOOD, snack

10PM-1AM FM show

Sleep at 1:30/2

Thursday- 11:00-12:20PM Elementary Musicianship

12:30-2:00PM food/get ready for class

2:00-3:20PM Intro to Art

3:30-4:50PM Political science


7 free hours (slightly less due to eating)

Sleep at 12:30/1AM

Friday- 10AM Jazz guitar lessons

FOOD at 11

12-2PM workout/nap

3-5PM Capital Punishment (my show)

7+ free hours

Saturday- 2 hours- workout/eat

Rest of the day free

Sunday- 1PM food, snack,

2PM/3PM workout

4-5PM food, snack

5:00PM-11:00PM Security aide (6 work hours)

1 free hour

Shower at 12:30AM

Sleep at 1AM

ive got about 45 free hours and 10 work hours (which i can used to play guitar, read, do hw, or anything else really)

so about 55 free hours. Ideally i would use 42 of those hours to play guitar, leaving 13 hours completely to myself or to chill with other people. Im not sure how i want to distribute the free time yet