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Friday, February 1, 2008

Jazz! and viola!

Ok, so i had my first jazz lesson today. My teacher just showed me a few jazz chords. I told him i didnt know the basic chords like CM, GM etc, but he just started me with with the more advanced oness. By next week i need to be able to memorize and switch between the few chords he showed me well. It will be an easy task by far. I am going to ask him to move at a much faster pace, because this isnt too hard really, plus since i only have a half hour i want to get as much done as i can.

Taking lessons has pretty much been motivating me to get better at reading music. Ive always known how to, just barely did it at all. So now everythings starting to tie together at once, and im very happy about it. So pretty much, its almost like im playing three instruments. Classical guitar and electric guitar are very different from each other. Similar of course, but i consider them two different things. Now im going to have a shit ton of classical music to play, jazz music, and death metal. Thats what ill be focusing on.

Also, I will be documenting all my lessons from the start, so in the future i can get a better idea of how to teach people guitar and things like that, and hopefully eventually get some students and make some money off of it. My main goal is to progress fast, so i can learn more. Then once i get the basic stuff down and all that stuff, I will be doing a bunch of creating. These are the best things to ever happen in my life till this day. Totally excited, totally ambitious!

depending on how viola is going, i may make a blog for that, we'll see

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