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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ive got a bit to work on

My technique has slipped a bit. I need to go back to practicing with a metronome, just gotta get batteries for it. My hands are VERY relaxed when im playing, which is so important. Thats something that comes with time.

I need to work on better finger dexterity, mostly with my ring and pinky. Im doing a specific exercise that goes like:


Obviously im keeping my hand in the same place. The tricky part is the 9898 part. Doing that fast will take some time. The other hard part is repeating the pattern as there is no rest. Im also adding random hammerons/pulloffs where they sound cool.

Im also working on simple scale runs repeating 3 or 4 notes and moving down. Its hard to keep it smooth when shifting positions.

Im practicing my current songs a lot because they need it. While they are simple, they are rather hard to play and express the right way. I also dont like the strings i have on now. Im going to try flatwounds and see how that goes

Ive practiced a lot today. I forgot to keep track somewhere around 2-3 hours. Im gonna get about another hour in hopefully, or read. Then afterwards im watching a documentary on Charlie Parker.

Lastly, I have acquired a Big Muff pedal from Electro Harmonix. Should be sweet. Gonna mix that and my Boss Chorus Ensemble

Oh yea, october 3rd i will be doing a very short set with Dom and another Steve. It will be quick and fun. Nothing serious though.

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