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Friday, December 18, 2009

gig reviews

So lets see, ill start with my frist Beacon night. It was Nov, 20 2009. I played two songs, Sapphiric Lightning and The Gold Falls. Both went very well. I got up on stage, wasnt even nervous. I did some improvising in S.L. which was fun, but i mostly stuck to the structure of the song. I got a decent crowd reaction, but I think they were a bit confused, or may be they werent. Once I started playing the song, I was so drawn into it that time went by so fast. Right as I hit the first note, I thought "well theres no going back now" or something along those lines, and i just took off. I had one major mess up that was clear, but it was really no big thing, I just kept on going. The Gold Falls went very smoothly. I changed the very ending of the piece because its very hard to play cleanly since it involves me picking my wrist up from the bridge as well as picking fast with the pick and my finger. It still sounded spot on. This song flowed smoothly. Of course it was a solo peformance, so i just played the chords. It was very awesome, I was completely absorbed in this song.

The second beacon night. I played two brand new songs. The majority of the songs were improvised. The songs i did were The Stars Will Lie To You and Hurling Words Like Stones. TSWLTY was inspired from the previous gig. I believe i touched upon this in another entry. Anyway, I messed up a bit in that song and got frustrated at the beginning, but pulled everything together as it went on. The song came out to only 8 and a half minutes. I could have easily gone another 15. The second song was very cool. I began and ended it in the same exact way. I could talk about it in depthly, but i think the recording will cover all that.

Soon to and commentary about my individual songs

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