An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Where does inspiration come from? From within myself, I guess. Also from many outside th ings. It could just be the energy that is flowing around me at any given time, whether I look to it as an influence or now. I barely played guitar at all last week, and this week I am making up for it. It is nice because it is almost like I am starting fresh, musically, not technically. I have taking a bit of a liking to the F# minor scale. It is the next scale that comes somewhat naturally to me. With my guitar tuned to Eb it's actually Fminor. I am trying to work with some newer chords and learning to arpegiate chords more than I am used to. Especially minor chords. Eventually, I will make the picking patterns that are most foreign to me natural. I want to get better at arpegiating chords and it seems whenever someone does arpegiate them, they do it in the exact same pattern constantly. Not like that's a bad thing, it just isn't for me and it isn't challenging. I will also be composing music for a female vocalist to accompany. There is something so enchanting about the female voice, and I really wish to work with it.

I have some huge visions for This Beckoning Lake, which I will be writing about in the near future. I will also be demo-ing that and all my songs. Not for me, but for production reasons. It will help to get a good idea of what should sound like what, and what you can add to what. what?

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