An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am sitting here, listening to Thiago's music in pitch black, well besides the computer light. I absolutely love his music. I connect with it on a very deep level, but at the same time, I feel that he is ahead of me or on a different level. I am at peace with myself, He iss at peace with himself. I feel like he conveys it better or more easily than I do. All of my music has a lot of tension building and releasing, but none of it is purely relaxed like Within the Zone of Transcendence. This music is very powerful and I feel it would be futile if I were to try and describe what exactly I am feeling. It is evoking some serious emotion from me, however. That is why I can connect with it so well, it brings me elsewhere, just like UnderMind does. That is the point in our music.

On another note. I had my first recording session today. I recorded in Dom's room. Small room, 2 amps, and a bunch of other shit. We got in there, set the 2 mics up really quick, and then recorded. One take for the track. First time I have ever played it. He was the perfect match for the song as well. There is room to add in other parts and what not, but I dont know if there is really a need to. I might just save that for live performances. When we started the piece, I was afraid of fucking up. There was this one part I was shaky at, but I kept repeating to myself "everything is water," and "in music there are no mistakes." These two quotes got me through the piece rather well. The piece was so visual and perfect. It was exactly how I imagined it was going to be. At this point, I have A Rare Moment of Silence and The Color of Mirrors to record. After that, I want to also write Of Emeralds and Rings, but I might have to take a bit more time on that.

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