An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Monday, May 31, 2010

Album number two

The point of the album is to make/influence the listener to listen to/see the guitar in a different way. I think the reason I was stuck playing in the same spectrum was because I was listening to it the same old way. The idea is to listen between the notes, the sounds, the recording and to not identify specifically the melody, chord changes, rhythm, etc. So the music I am writing can be looked at as mundane, if you are identifying with those elements of music, or it can be treasurous (not a real word) if you listen in a different way. I want to really make this album visual like I did with my last one. Yes we all can hear music, but what about see it?

as far as the title goes, I think it will be the color of mirrors. The idea is that if you have mirrors facing each other, they are reflecting the space between them back and forth, much like music. The vibrations are sent between the air and react off other vibrations. The color will be that unique sound. The sound that is there that isn't a melody or chord change.

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