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Monday, April 4, 2011

updates, updates, and more updates

Well now, I am a little stuck, a little motivated, a little inspired, a little anxious, and a little ready to give art my all. First and foremost, losing my job has put me in a position of instabililty. I need to get that back asap. Once I do that, then I can put all the other pieces back together.

I am considering making a totally new blog with a new account. One for a "professional" name for myself. The blogs I have been writing are the very most personal things I have ever written and that is why they are not good material to show the general public. At this moment, most people that even read my blogs are my closest friends and I think I will keep it that way. These blogs are for my close friends to see what is going on inside my mind.

My younger brother/friend Thiago has been making many releases, and recently he started a real blog for his music, he also has a youtube page of all his music and his music is getting great feedback. This is where I need to get to if I want to do anything with my music. I do have an album and plan to be writing much more. However, like usual, all my friends seem to be ahead of me. I am the odd ball in the group in that I do things at a much different pace than others, such as going to school or learning a new hobby

I have always been behind and unsure in life. Lately I have been morphing my mind to start thinking a lot more assertively. People in my dance classes have even told me the same thing, to be more assertive when I dance. Well that has never been part of my personality up until now. So from now on, I have to work towards making a name for myself. Every day, or mostly every day I have to focus my energy into any little thing that will help me get to this. Even something as small as organizing my music files. Any little thing will help.

right now, my inspiration to writing is coming from dancing!

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