An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Need some inspiration

Well, I have the motivation, I have the practicing and my skills back, now I just need some inspiration to write.

My next album idea is as follows: I plan to make it like a progression. It is going to start of very simply and bright. I will start with just solo guitar, at first one guitar, then I will slowly ad other instrumnts, and slowly make some nice counter parts and melodies. Then it will go into a silent hill esque vibe withambient drums. From there it will go to a brighter cleaner and happier sound, much influnced by bachata. After that it will start going to kind of metal ballads, and then progresively get heavier and more complex with rhtyhms and percussion and everything else, ultimately spanning to an ulcerate/DSO sound.

This is going to be one crazy and long album to complete. I think I will take small steps with making this album. Well I should call this a project and just release albums in the meantime.

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