An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Friday, July 15, 2011

10 days...figured out something new!

Well, I haven't played guitar in approximately 10 days now. Here is what I am learning. I still want to create music, however I don't have the NEED to express something within myself/change something that I used to have back in high school/college. For that reason, I thought about giving up guitar because that is naturally what made me play. With all the playing and practicing that I did, I developed a whole other love for music/guitar and I am now realizing that art is about more than expressing yourself. It's about interacting with others and becoming involved in worlds unlike reality. It's about going through a journey to fill ourselves with happiness and energy. That is why I enjoy music. Music, among other things, does that.

With that being said, I am allowing myself to start to play guitar again, however, with a different approach. No more will I "look for inspiration" or feel that I NEED to play. I will work harder than ever and expand my ideas for the sake of bringing alive something new to the table so that I can become involved in the scene and connect with others. I finally have a grasp on my emotions and mentalities that I can resume playing music soon. Motivation, inspiration, those are words that bear such vast meaning, yet people look at them so narrowly. There is a world of things that inspire and motivate you and they're not just physical things, or something we can talk about. Energy is everywhere in the world, it is all around you.

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