An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Played guitar the other day**

I played Ricky's guitar a couple days ago, and wow I can still play I wasn't expecting that, not after three months of not playing. One thing that was really apparent is that in order to play well, I have to put in the ENERGY to do so. That makes such a huge difference. I am realizing largely what I want to play. I don't want to play a tech death style. I just wanna play music that is powerful but also that you can lay back to. The first Monolithic song is a prime example. It doesn't have to be dark, it just has to be good and not over fluffed, and not over simplified. Just have some balance. I used to have all these crazy and creative ideas, like combining charles mingus, with metallica's S&M with technical death metal with ambience. But that really is not my goal. Sure those ideas would be INSANE, but I am not making music to show people how creative I can be. Anyone can think of these ideas. I just wanna make music that's simple and fun to play. Again, it really isn't that serious.

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