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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning tables******

Well, it comes as a surprise to many people, the fact that I am exploring and liking pop music. Does it surprise me? Not really. Perhaps it is a little unexpected, but knowing about myself makes me realize that it makes sense. I am discovering everything I wanted to be a part of in my teenage years that I wasn't. Dance, pop music, rap, style, and a stronger grasp on culture in general. It's all slowly coming together. That doesn't mean that my previous beliefs and strongholds are going away, they are just as strong as they were, if not, stronger. If anything I am just adding more to my repertoire of life. With that beings said, I am getting SO many artistic ideas for myself. I realized I needed to expand my stylistic horizons so that if I get bored of one style, I can just focus on another one and not have to take some incredible downtime from it.

I am starting to become VERY inspired by pop/rnb music as well as folk. I want to be surrounded by many aspects of music and culture. There are things I like about everything, but if I focus only on one- it will becomes stale to me because nothing is perfect. So at the very least, having multiple things to focus on can help alleviate that realization. 2 of my biggest influences right now are Adele and Jessie J, and I am totally looking for more. One thing I like about pop music is that it has positive messages and vibes, despite a lot of sad love songs you hear, a lot of it seems to be about moving on, being yourself, and enjoying life- ideas that I strongly believe in.

So let me tell about my music ideas I am getting. I want to be a pop artist- to an extent. I don't want to be a pop artist on the top 10 billboards, but I want to play and write that kind of music. I do like fame and popularity, but I don't want it to be overwhelming. I more so want it to be an even balance. The avant garde and udnerground music I am into is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, so exploring both sides of the spectrum will land me in the middle. I remember a while back I had been troubled about including multiple genres under one project/album, but a friend of mine told me that I should do it all on one and just be me. I almost completely agree with that now. After having heard Jessie J's album Who You Are, I noticed that she did incorporate quite a few different styles of music on it. I want to do something like that. As far as the pop style goes, I want to make some changes to how the style is played. I want more focus on instrumentals and ornamentation. I also want some darker parts- kind of like adele but with a darkish jazzy feel to it, as well as some ambient-esque parts. Once I get the money, I will start singing lessons and then will be ready to truly start writing pop-ish songs.

Anyway, along with this, I want to get Monolithic back together, and assuming Eston is on board with it, I will do it. Then my legacy will start establishing. I will be a dancer, bodybuilder, singer, musician, songwriter, and a diverse entity. I don't want to just be an artist that only a select few care about. I want to appeal to a lot of people- but not an extreme amount of people. That is why I want to do a lot of different things and be involved in a lot of different styles.

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