An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My latest song that I am working on for Anthro. is called Becoming. Right now it sounds fucking amazing, intense, chaotic, yet at the same time produces a meditative vibe. I am sure many are going to disagree. I can almost play all of it, but I still have a bit of work to do. I can probably play half the song and there are still a few sections which need to be added or re-worked. This song is sounding exactly how I had planned it too. When the second guitar part gets written it will just complete it. Next will be the vocals. I think I want the vocals to be less chaotic than everything else. I want the vocals to be mostly deep the whole time, perhaps some long drawn out growls and stuff. I feel like it will complement the feeling of the song well.

As for Undermind, I will be doing a bunch of recording soon. I played nothing is discreet a little today, and it sounds amazing and I know what I want t do with it. I want to make the song even more entrancing and make it really capture the listener. I have developed a way of playing so that i take my time on everything and really develop each part that is meant to be. The songs will sound nothing like the originals ones I recorded besides the fact that they are the same song. Once I get this initial recording of NID and the other songs for A Rare Moment Of Silence, i will start changing and improvising them like crazy

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