An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where do I go?

Ok, So now that The Beckoning Lake is recorded, I do not feel like recording the other songs that I have finished. I do not feel like they are up to par with TBL, which kind of makes sense. For one, TBL is mostly comprised of my previous songs. The songs had a magic when I had written them, but I feel that magic is gone. It is too familiar to me and not very challenging to listen to. Perhaps when others contribute to it, they will become a lot more interesting to listen to, but until then I am not sure I want to do them now. In terms of writing new music, I think I have got that covered. I am not one hudred percent sure what I will be writing. I might just go for writing "masterpieces" or regular "songs." I feel that if I make a piece that encompasses the other songs, I do not need to record the other songs to show everyone. May be I will, may be I won't, I am not sure.

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