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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

quitting, leaving some things behind?

I have excelled in:

martial arts- 7 years
guitar- 9 years
bodybuilding and fitness- 3 years
dancing <1year
singing <1year

I fully quit martial arts. I didn't really think twice about it. My interest in it dwindled and my parents allowed me to stop. Later on in life, I never regretted it. Sometimes I did feel like training though. Eventually I did it again for the fun of it. Perhaps my parents allowing me to quit messed me up a bit- in a sense. It made me realize that it is ok to quit things. It is ok, but is it what I want to do? May be, may be not, I was never conditioned to see things out through the end.

Guitaring has almost been quit and left behind. Sometimes I feel like it's a bad idea and sometimes I feel more at ease with it because I can focus on BBing or dancing a lot more. Sometimes it's nice to just not think about it and all the technical aspect of it. May be I will just keep going through different hobbies and what not. Is there only one time and place for everything?

How the hell do I juggle everything without getting stressed out or putting pressure on myself?

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