An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Thursday, December 29, 2011

time line/exploration of worlds

analogy- FF worlds or something similar is symbolic of my passions/art/interests. So how do I play the game? Do I complete each stage/world when I get there or do I do a little bit, go to some others and then come back?

lemme try to map out a little timeline of my life at the moment

martial arts- completed, revisited a little bit later on
music/guitar- not finished but mostly "leveled up," still need to complete my dream of touring and playing in bands and recording

fitness- currently leveling up. Still need to go further and become a personal trainer and one day compete in bodybuilding

dance- just started leveling up much more to go

family/significant others- only slightly explored

ma= martial arts
M= music
F= fitness
f= family
-= where I want to be to be completely satisfied
age 22 age 30 age 60
------------------------------------------------======================= 9 years
3 years

<1 year

<1 year

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