An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What is it to create a deep "love connection" with someone? Connection is something I have talked a lot about in the past and I do feel that connecting with someone, especially on an intimate level is what love really is. The way to develop this intimate relation with someone is to completely strip your veils. Any kind of veils, mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical. the idea is to eliminate yourself of any falsehoods and self deceptions. Once these are stripped away, you are to talk about anything and everything. To share things you "normally wouldn't." After going from subject to subject, you will find things that make you uncomfortable to talk about and you can share those too. Why would you do that? Simply because that is how you will ever feel so safe with someone that you can ask anything and get an emotionally honest answer, and I stress anything. You cast away your veils when you have nothing else to hide. When the other person shares with you, you must accept them wholeheartedly/unconditionally and let them know. Keep your heart open and quietly observe unbiased.

Through this process, the most beautiful spectacle is formed. I feel there is nothing more powerful than becoming "one" with someone else. This is just one of many steps too. It's one thing I strive for in my life and wish that other people would too

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