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Friday, June 3, 2011

Truth-self-truth-themselves-truth-share-truth feeds back

ARGH! All I have to do, and should have done is be truthful to myself! I should have realized this. Writing in this blog just shows HOW MUCH really goes on in my head, but this isn't even a fraction of it either. I feel like I will go insane without art. If I could not project all these thoughts I have in some way I would be lost. THat's why I feel lost when I don't do art. Art gives direction. It is my blue print for life. Now the goal is to actually support that with a job/career. I have the foundations laid out for me.

So why the hell have I gone through all this shit in the passed few days? Simply-put, I forgot what was important to me. I forgot what held true value. It's not music, dancing, is concepts like truth/honesty, pride, ego, dedication, happiness, stress. Probably a few others to name as well. The only thing I have to worry about in life is forgetting what is important to me.

My next post will be about self awareness, acknowledging, and acting.
I will also be starting a self help/improvement book/blog or something of the sort. This time it will be as professional as I can make it as opposed to rambling.

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