An Ethereal Guitarist's Path

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goals goals goals

well aside from my terrible living situation and getting out of that, let's see where my goals are headed. I no longer want to be a pro bodybuilder, but I want to be bodybuilder. I no longer want to be a pro dancer, but I want to be a dancer. Do I still want to make it in a band? I think so. I at least want to play shows. I would definitely be satisfied with that. I would LOVE to tour. However, do I NEED to tour? I am not sure. After accomplish that what will I do? Well, dancing, bodybuilding, modeling, and art in general are just things that I love to do and I will always do. So what then is my true goal in life. "My purpose is to embody the expression of love from one another through sound, movement, pleasure, contact, and connection." Ok, that is what will make me happy! I have got the sound portion down, the movement and physical portion down. I need to get the charismatic/social aspect of that down....Then will I be happy? Will that be it? Keep doing that? In essence, to share what I love with someone who loves it like I do. So love will make me happy in life. My goal is to find "true love." I have most of the ground-work taken care of. I mainly need to focus on presentation, knowledge, and charisma. Gaining knowledge will easily lay the foundation out for charisma which in turn will flow into presentation. Simple formula. So I will focus on gaining knowledge.

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