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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I want to be famous and I want to live somewhere else

I would be almost content doing the things I love to do, BBing, music, art, modeling, dancing, socializing, but there would be something that I am missing. Could it be fame?? May be not world-wide fame but I would like to be famous. If I am famous that means it is easy to reach other to other people. I want contact and interaction between me and others to come easily. I want that. I am not sure why. Something about it appeals to me.

I have been getting this random urge from time to time about moving/living outside of ny and/or outside of the US. I can think of many reasons why I would enjoy it, but I can't figure out what where this desire is coming from. I knew where the desire came from with bbing, music, dancing...but for living somewhere else, I don't know. Might just be tired of this environment. I don't know. Once I get serious income it will become a real goal of mine and I will also start researching about other places.

Slowly but surely I am arranging this gigantic puzzle in my head. I have a rather clear idea of what I want but it isn't quite complete. I need to EXPERIENCE more. I need to EXPERIENCE MORE. MORE. Experience. Think about it....!

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