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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Metallica and my role

I've been reading about the history of the band and more particularly James, Lars,Kirk, and Cliff. I am seeing parts of their personalities in me/ I think the 4 of them is worked amazing as a team, but my prob;em is what happens when you are one person harnessing their traits as opposed to being 4 separate entities combining everyone into one product. Not only that, but what metal music used to do in the 80s and to an extent still does was unit and bring together outcasts. I used to be one and metal music did bring new friends and opportunities with others "like me." Back when I was younger I was "different" and an outcast. Now that I'm 21, I have no desire to be different or an outcast. I want to be with more than just metalheads. I want to experience and be with other people. but I was not raised that way. So where does that leave me? What I am most familiar with is not a driving force in my life anymore. How do I interpret and get along with that; all the while having these 4 huge forces pulling at my limbs. May be theres one thing missing, The "head" if you will. The creation from all 4. I don't think its a coincidence Metallica has been my all time favorite band, motivator and in ways, best friend. Having been reading their bio, I possess similarities that they do/did. It's like they're all pulling against each other and still trying to sustain my sanity. I think the 4 need to start working together.

Lars- The brains/operator. If something needs to be done, he will rally up the band and go get it don.e He immerses himself in culture and is very aware of what others (bands) are doing and wants to expand and do it better

James- Main songwriter/co-operator. Has a lot of pent up emotion that drives his music. He is also well versed in what's going on around him. Very attitude drive.

Cliff- The nice guy and stability of the group. Sure of himself and has no need to prove his ego. Well versed in music and plays what and how he wants/ Educated.

Kirk- Nods his head and does what he is told. Diplomatic and supports the band with his expert technique and knowledge of music. Adds the flavor.

So I have these 4 personalities tugging at me and swarming inside of me. All 4 are confident, sure, and driven. So why aren't I? Now they need to work together to get done what needs to get done. Even if there is no clear-cut vision, work is work and it will still be building. That is what I am, a builder, more accurately, an architect, an artist.


Tyla Gherardi said...

Can totally agree man, they are my life.

Steve said...

Its one of those things that really cant be explained! \m/