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Friday, June 10, 2011

New music/art project coming

Ok, so I recently traded my guitar for a bass for a few days and now that I started playing again, I got incredibly "inspired." I put inspired in quotes because nothing in particular drove me to write at that moment, I just felt like playing and did and came up with something quite cool. I have been listening to a lot of video game music. Mostly final fantasy 7 and 9, silent hill, and suikoden. Those are my biggest inspirations at the moment and the music I am writing will basically sound like those. This is an area of music ive been wanting to explore for a long time but never had the ear for it. Well I think it is coming together now.

My idea is to make an album that has a script behind it so that the story can be illustrated and come to life in different mediums. I find that writing singles is usually not enough for me and then even writing an album is not enough for me. I really want to go beyond the norm for releasing music. I am not a musician I am an artist, and I want to share my ideas with other artists as well and hopefully they can contribute and add to them. The script will be about fictional characters, the main character will be based off of me. The main character will go through life ready to take on the world and explore and go through his own journey. He will realize what love is and what he truly desires after many lengthy puzzling times and even some hard times. I am not sure where the conclusion is headed quite yet, but basically it's about me after "the beckoning lake" chapter of my life which shows all my confusion and chaos amongst social anxiety, stress, tension, and getting through that. Now I am basically picking up where I left off.

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